Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement
Being a third generation artist of my family, I was always surrounded by the art pieces that were beautiful and sincere, that determined my perception of life. Since childhood the process of self-expression through the painting became a natural necessity that fills my life with a sense of harmony and integrity. The world around me is the sours of inspiration that transforms in my mind in a positive massage of my every piece of art.
My paintings display and dignify natural beauty which too often we fail to notice in fast changing life. In my artworks I reveal the hidden significance of the details. Final painting is not my only purpose. Though, the composition depends on the content, I have never seen a completed piece of art starting to paint. My every painting is the process of exploring, experimenting, and pushing the limits. When the process of creation is going the different way I have planed making sketches, I am reminded that artist’s inspiration ruled by the “other” force and I am just its instrument. Fallowing to my hand I use the sudden hints occurred by medium or color. Sometimes just the only one brush stroke can change the composition, painting style or the mood of the painting. The primary aspiration of my work is a piece of art whose effect of meaning is achieved through a compositional balance of color, light, shadow and harmony of forms.
 In my early paintings I follow the best traditions of both Russian and European representational painting, where the landscape and still-life in oil were the basic genres of my art work. Now my technique and color style have been changed under the influence of the Canadian Art traditions. Though, oil paint continues to intrigue me with its possibilities, I also turned to acrylic with its endless capacities. Currently I work on the series of the cityscapes and still-lifes in mix-medium, pushing myself through the new challenges and experiments to realize the new ideas.

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